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The Broader Picture

Rethinking "Pathology"

The field of psychology diagnoses pathology based on deviations from "normal," but, as in most fields of study, the norms were established by measuring averages of behavior and belief of cis-het white American-born men, and, more recently, women. This often results in minorities being pathologized based on a misunderstanding or ignorance of cultural variations. Here's how I strive to do it differently:


Multicultural lens

Diagnostic criteria generally ignores gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, culture and spirituality. In our work together, we will work to identify ways that prominent cultural context has overtly and subtly taught you to feel bad and wrong for your values, differences and culturally-based actions and attitudes. You do not have to assimilate to thrive! 

You are the expert on you. I welcome your challenges, confrontations and push-back as we collaborate on the path to self-understanding. 

Trauma Informed Care

We know that trauma is stored in the body, often impacting our daily lives in ways that are difficult to name and even more difficult to predict. In our work together we will take care to be gentle with your process, affirming in your strengths, patient in seasons of setback and firm in our boundaries. I am effortful to respond to whatever comes into the room with you in each session. You will always be in charge of the direction our work takes. My approach is force-free, focused on partnering in your process and equipping you with the tools you need to proceed in your self-understanding at the pace that feels safe for you. I am committed to staying up-to-date with current research on trauma-treatment, refusing to settle for ineffective or retraumatizing methods or treatment.

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