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Private Practice Growth

Individual Practice Building

I will help you navigate the hurdles of early private practice management, from submitting your application for licensure, setting up your business entity, to marketing strategy and networking, work-life balance and boundaries. We will meet in one hour, as needed chunks with no package or contract. I will create a to-do list with clear actionable step-by-step plans for you to complete at your own pace and you will book a next appointment whenever you've completed them. I will be available by phone call or text between sessions for follow up and clarifying questions to help address the overwhelm that can be early business building. The whole point is that this phase is tricky and convoluted, but it doesn't need to be! With a little bit of guidance, this can be one of the most exhilarating phases of your life. We will work together on getting you to your income goals, serving the populations you care about the most in a way that honors your ethics, while also leaving space for new goals and plenty of personal time. 

Group Practice Seminars for Associates

I offer practice building seminars for group practices, largely designed for pre-licensed clinicians who could benefit from training in preparing to enter the business world. While supervisors have done the footwork in solidifying their clinical skills, most clinicians find themselves completely helpless when it comes to the business side of things. These seminars are designed to help new practice owners avoid the pitfalls of tax liability, prepare them to build a robust caseload quickly, identify their strengths and develop a niche quickly and develop an identity as a clinician with confidence. See the list below for more information on how these seminars are structured and priced.

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